Rhinestone Jewelry Sets for That Striking Impression

A rhinestone, paste or diamante is a diamond stimulant made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic.

Originally, rhinestones were rock crystals gathered from the river Rhine, hence the name, although some were also found in areas like the Alps. The availability was greatly increased in the 18th century when the Alsatian jeweler Georg Friedrich Strass had the idea to imitate diamonds by coating the lower side of glass with metal powder. Hence, rhinestones are called strass in many European languages.

Rhinestones can be used as imitations of diamonds, and some manufacturers even manage to reproduce the glistening effect real diamonds have in the sun.

Source from en.wikipedia.org

If there is one timeless piece of jewelry that every woman craves to possess, it’s diamond jewelry! Regardless of the occasion, diamond jewelry never fails to put a ‘spark’ to the wearer’s outfit with its dazzling traits! Although diamond jewelry may be expensive, the sparkle that it sets off isn’t really expensive. Does this statement puzzle you? Well, with rhinestone jewelry sets, you can still find that same sparkle, but without emptying your pockets!

So what exactly is a rhinestone? Rhinestones are colorless rock crystals. The source where they come from is the river Rhine and hence, the name! Rhinestones imitate diamonds in their sparkle and for this reason, they are also called diamantes.

Keeping history aside, fashionable yet cheap rhinestone jewelry is perfect to impress someone! Are you looking for that stunning piece of jewelry that would get everyone talking? Then, you definitely should pick one from the shimmering rhinestone jewelry sets

From chokers and necklaces to hair clips and head bands, you can shop here for everything that you need to make a striking impression at your wedding! Whether you choose to wear a halter dress or an off the shoulder dress, rhinestone choker sets available here will perfectly do the trick of adorning your neck. Not just your neck and ears, but even your hair needs some attention on your Big Day! Pick the Getaway Oval Rhinestone Hairclip from here and add some sparkle to your hair.

Nobody would want their daily wear jewelry to be too ornate! You can opt for simple, yet classy rhinestone costume jewelry, such as the Large Rectangle Rhinestone Necklace or the Triple Crystal Drop Rhinestone Jewelry Set; they’re comfortable enough for wearing everyday! Well, with so much variety at your disposal, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice!

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