Timeless Jewelry Sets Fit for The Royal Jewels Collection

Champagne jewelry sets are so luxury and unique. They are noble with the transparent champagne color which is just like the gloss of the champagne in the glass. They can make great ornament effect when matching silk dress in the evening parties. Owning warm and soft light like champagne wine, champagne color is also the romantic symbol, which is suitable for any occasions.

Jewelry sets invoke thoughts of well chosen, prized, and royal taste. A jewelry set of similar stones can be a collection in itself. Often times, jewelers may wait months and years before they come across the right stones that match in size and quality.

The most common image of fancy jewelry sets are those of British Royalty, such as pictured (right) with Queen Elizabeth II. Royal jewels are usually referred to as Regalia. The Royal Jewels of England trace back hundreds of years. Their collection is said to be worth $515 million. Given as gifts from diplomats, lovers, and friends, the Royal Jewels have grown to a sizable collection of precious pieces.

Mark Broumand hosts his own version of precious jewelry sets worthy of the Royal Family. One in particular is the pictured (left) GIA certified collection set hosting fancy yellow diamonds. This pear shaped diamond set proudly displays 23.49ct of diamonds. It includes an elegantly designed necklace and earrings. The extremely rare collection of fancy yellow pear shaped diamonds in this one of a kind set that took years of searching to find the perfect diamonds to match one another.

The magnificent pendant starts with a 1.45ct heart shaped diamond that is GIA

The magnificent pendant starts with a 1.45ct heart shaped diamond that is GIA certified at D-VS2 at the top with a halo of round diamonds set around it. It has tremendous brilliance. The perfectly matching earrings are custom made in the same manner. A beautiful heart shaped diamond at the top with a large, perfectly matching pear shaped diamonds dangle from each earring. The total diamond weight of the large fancy yellow pear shapes in the earrings total 8.12ct.
For your next royal engagement, give the gift of magnificence with Mark Broumand’s custom made collection. You will not be overlooked!

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