4 Best Statement Necklaces 2014

Statement necklaces can be seen everywhere, especially when you watch the fashion show that they take statement necklaces as their main collocation. Statement necklaces lead the fashion since its appearance and they are regarded the best fashion jewelries for the top fashion collocation because they can give people outstanding ornament effect to make them look great. So long as collocating with these best statement necklaces 2014, people can have the most stunning appearance and give people super visual enjoyment though they are wearing the most tedious outfit. Thus, if you want to wholesale the best statement necklaces 2014 with eye-catching and delicate designs, please read the flowing 4 recommendations.

1 CZ diamond statement necklaces

CZ diamond jewelry are very popular around people because their beautiful and bright refraction which is similar to the real diamond. And this is also the reason why people call it CZ diamond. Made of high-quality CZ diamond, this colorful leaf shaped statement necklace is very colorful and delicate. Most of the colors and insets are symmetrical expect the floral pendant in the middle. Another special highlight of this CZ diamond statement necklace is that the whole necklace is composed of these CZ diamond charms which make this necklace one of the best statement necklaces 2014.

2 Simulated pearl statement necklaces

The genuine pearl necklace is not that affordable for normal people so the simulated pearl statement necklaces with better appearance become people’s favorite. With special multilayer design, statement necklaces made of many simulated pearl and gemstones are very popular and fashionable people can used them to collocating different clothes. People have no need to worry about that they will be embarrassed by people’s pointing out their fake pearl necklace. It is one of the best statement necklaces 2014 for wholesalers to wholesale.

3 Resin statement necklaces

The third one of the best statement necklaces 2014 is the floral resin statement necklace. The special color collision of these floral resin statement necklaces will make them look beautiful and give people unique decoration. For instance, this yellow and white floral resin statement necklace is full of vitality and energy making people feel the sunshine of summer. They can be made into different exaggerated sizes but they won’t be too heavy for people to wear because resin is not that heavy as alloy.

4 Gold plated statement necklaces

There one statement necklace that cannot be missed. One of the best statement necklaces 2014 is the stunning gold plated statement necklace. They can be cut and polished into different shapes and match other materials to make statement necklaces. The floral and heart shape statement necklaces are lovely; the matte gold plated leaf shaped statement necklaces are very delicate; and the geometry statement necklaces are modern and simple; they all look very good and easy to pair with different clothes.

Wish this passage can give you some useful guidance for your wholesale business in 2014. Good luck!

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